I started the Planning Lady blog in 2016 as a way to dive into planning related topics from the perspective of the everyday person. I get my inspiration from a variety of sources and try to cover a range of topics from current issues to historic events. If you have suggestions feel free to message me on the contact page. To read the most recent post or search my older content follow the link below.

Book Reviews

I consider myself a book worm, with the full knowledge that others read far more than I do. With that said, I share my thoughts and insights related to the non-fiction books that I read on my book review page. It is meant to be less a critical analysis of the book, but more the insights I gained from the literature.



My passion for cities started with preservation. I love old buildings and the spaces they define. I have written a few National Register nominations which are linked over on the preservation page.

Public Spaces

Together with my love of old cities and historic buildings is a keen interest in public spaces. The best public spaces encourage activity and dialogue among its inhabitants. My work on public spaces can be found by following the link below.