National Register Nominations

The National Register of Historic Places was created in 1966 by the National Historic Preservation Act. The Register is a list of national, state, and locally significant landmarks throughout the United States. Nominations preserve the history of these buildings, structures, and sites for future generations and also provide the opportunity to use historic tax credits for rennovation projects.

Rouse Ranch.JPG

Rouse Ranch

The Rouse Ranch is one of the last remaining homesteads established in Nebraska as part of the original Homestead Act of 1862. The original 160 acres remains in the hands of the original settling family.

Rose Kirkwood.PNG

Rose Kirkwood Brothel

The Rose Kirkwood Brothel, located in Lincoln, Nebraska, was added to the National Register in 2012. It is locally significant for its contributions to social history, starting out as an infamous brothel, but converting to the People's City Mission in 1910.


Myrick-Green Building

The Myrick-Green Building located in Lubbock, Texas had a National Register Nomination written, however it was never taken through the process to get approved. Despite the lack of formal recognition, the building was renovated into offices and a showroom for a local car dealership.